bar stools

Dimensions:25.5" x 22" x 37" Adjustable Seat Height - 21.5" to 32" (L x W x H)
Condition:Gently Used - Scuffs/Blemishes See Pictures
Dimensions:24.5" x 16.5" x 30" Minimum Seat Height - 21.25" Maximum Seat Height - 31" (L x W x H)
Condition:Gently Used - Some Faint Scratches on Seat
Dimensions:17.5" x 22" x 46" (L x W x H) Seat Height - 30.5"
Condition:Good Condition Some Use Related Wear See Pictures for best description
Dimensions: 20" Depth 20 1/4" Width 42 1/2" Height 26" Seat Height
Condition: One of the legs on one of the stools is chewed up towards the middle and missing paint.  This can be touched up.  Otherwise some minor paint loss from use and age.  There are also a few small stains on the plaid cushions.  See Pictures and feel free to ask questions.      
Dimensions: 14" x 13 3/4" x 34" (L x W x H)   24" Seat
Condition: Age related wear.  There is a small lateral split in the top.  Otherwise some nicks and scuffs from years of use.  
Dimensions:13" x 24.5"
Condition:Age related wear, very normal
Dimensions: 18" x 20" x 41.5" Seat Height - 23.5" (L x W x H)
Condition: Gently Used - Light Finish Loss/Scratches  
Dimensions: 15.5" x 19" x 37" (L x W x H)
Condition:  Gently Used - Some Marks/Stains/Scrapes/Rust  

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