Maruyama Okio Original "Ducks in Snowy Water" W/ Turn of Century Woodblock Art

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A magnificent piece of art by Maruyama Okyo. Titled "Ducks on Snowy Water". Framed with a turn of the century woodblock.
Biography Maruyama Okyo
Maruyama Okyo is one of the giants of Edo-period painting. The son of an impoverished farmer, he was largely self-taught, but he apparently had access to Chinese painting and imported prints with Western perspective. He was one of the first Japanese painters to make extensive sketches from nature, a practice his students emulated. Okyo's mature style tempers the realism of close observation with a flair for bold compositions. He became spectacularly successful, winning major commissions from the imperial household as well as Kyoto's leading merchant families. Okyo's followers, known as the shasei (drawing from life) school, would dominate Kyoto painting circles well into the twentieth century.
The artwork itself would benefit from a cleaning and re-framing.
Frame- 25" x 34"
19 1/4" x 11 3/4"